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“To support, promote, and enhance the arts in Nassau County and provide a framework to network and address common concerns.”


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The Arts Are Alive and Well in Nassau County!!!

Sharon Haffey was the Island Art Association’s representative on Arts and Culture Nassau, the City of Fernandina’s Board for promoting the Arts,  when the Art in Public Spaces Ordinance was developed and finally passed as Resolution 2013-112.   In addition to guidelines for permanent art, there is a component in the City Ordinance designed to establish a more streamlined application process for temporary art – 1 year or less – on designated city sites.  Approval for a temporary piece to be installed is now delegated exclusively to Arts and Culture Nassau.   Permanent installations will still need approval by the City Commission.  The goal was to offer groups and individuals, particularly those in Northeast Florida, the opportunity to share their work and promote the arts in Fernandina.  …And so was born the Totem Project or Arts are Alive Sculpture!

The project, orchestrated by Sharon, showcases the many arts organizations and groups that we have in Nassau County and enhances Fernandina with a sculpture that reflects the colorful, inviting nature of our city.  It was easy to find artists enthusiastic about the project and eager to participate. Through the collaborative efforts of nearly 50 local artists, 20 “totems” were completed, each one representing a different organization. The resulting work in a unique expression of ideas, now collectively on display in the pocket park near 110 Centre Street.  Recently, over 100 enthusiastic individuals celebrated the installation at a reception at the Island Art Association.  For more information temporary or permanent public art in Fernandina Beach visit