Have you always wanted to work back stage at a concert? Act in a play? Lead a history tour? Meet a famous author? Teach children a musical instrument? All of our organizations are run by community volunteers.

All of our arts organizations need volunteers to help them continue the work that helps make Fernandina and Nassau County such a wonderful place to live. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet interesting people, try new things, and give back to the community. It can be hard work and it can be lots of fun.

Get started now. Just click on the name of the organization that interests you and go to their webpage and sign up.

We need you.

Our Members

Amelia Community Theatre
Amelia Island Book Festival
Amelia Island Jazz Festival
Amelia Island Museum of History
Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival
Friends of the Nassau County Library System
Island Art Association
West Nassau Historical Society

Other Arts Organizations in Fernandina and Nassau County

Rendevous Music and Film Festival
Peck Community Ensemble
Island Chamber Singers
Amelia Residents In Action for the Arts (ARIAS)
Cummelia (Cummer Arts Museum)
Florida Writers Association, Nassau Chapter
Amelia Island Quilt Guild
West Nassau Museum of History